AMBP exclusively appoints internationally recognized, locally authorized, compliant security providers to operate the Park’s static guard force and secure both sites.

The security provisions at AMBP comply with the highest security standards and measures set by international oil companies (IOCs), and have passed all audits conducted by IOCs since its establishment.



The security provisions at AMBP comply with the highest security standards and measures set by international oil companies (IOCs), and have passed all audits conducted by IOCs since its establishment.


Security features include:

  • A combination of security chain-link fences with high t-walls.
  • Strategically located tower guards.
  • Live Persons-on-Board (POB) systems.
  • Digital CCTV coverage.
  • On-site parking for pre-approved vehicles.



Breaking away from the traditional container-type residential camps, Al Majal Business Park has built over 250 elegant and well-maintained guest rooms designed for sleep, work, and comfort.

Depending on tenant requirements, all rooms are suitable to fit one to four beds and are available for both short- and long-term leasing. Occupants seeking to leave the country for the weekend may keep their belongings in the room for use upon their return.  

   All rooms are:

  • Air-conditioned and include an en-suite bathroom.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Office desk.
  • Cable TV and mini-refrigerator.
  • Guests have access to daily housekeeping and laundry services.

The rooms are located within a short walking distance to the Park’s offices and warehouses and are moments away from dining, fitness and entertainment facilities, as well as a convenience store.



With over 30,000 square meters of commercial space available for rent, AMBP offers clients flexible tenancy options, individual and shared contemporary office spaces, with security and convenience at the core of all offerings. 

The office solutions further include a combination of fully furnished and unfurnished move-in ready spaces, as well as build-to-suit offices and land plots available for design and build projects.

AMBP’s incubator and flexible co-working spaces cater to start-ups and small-to-midsize enterprises, and offer targeted support and resources to helping them succeed.

The Park’s business incubator clients have access to shared office services, executive meeting rooms, equipment, clerical and administrative services. The leasing agreement for shared office spaces further includes maintenance, utilities, and cleaning services.

To ensure the highest levels of safety, only authorized personnel have access to office buildings.



AMBP offers fully customizable industrial, manufacturing, and distribution warehouse and workshop spaces and solutions. All spaces are flexible and can be divided to accommodate the square footage required, allowing for easy expansion.

AMBP’s in-house design and project management teams partner closely with clients to identify specification requirements and offer value-engineering suggestions throughout the construction’s life cycle.


  • The typical workshop/warehouse size is 640 m2 – 20m wide x 30m length x 7m eaves height, with personnel and roller shutter vehicular access.
  • The warehouse spaces further include frame designs for the installation of cranes, mezzanine decks, certified racking, environmental control, and local exhaust ventilation.
  • All warehouses and workshops include a private office space.


The recreation zones are a leisure-focused, vibrant part of Al Majal Business Park that seeks to offer tenants a unique opportunity to network with like-minded executives in a casual, relaxed setting. The facilities include:

  • Coffee area.
  • 24/7 fitness centers.
  • Popular ping-pong tables.
  • Video gaming stations
  • Outdoor theaters.  

Located at both Al Majal Business Park North Rumaila and Burjessia, the 24/7 fully equipped fitness centers are stocked with advanced cardiovascular and strength training equipment, giving guests everything they need to allow them to keep up with their fitness routines.

The North Rumaila complex further includes multipurpose athletic pitches and a running track.



Through partnering with Gulf Catering Company (GCC), AMBP adheres to the highest international standards in operating its remote kitchen sites, and provides its global clientele with a wide spectrum of flavor-rich and nutritious meal options.

Both Parks are further home to the Majal Bean Coffee Shop, offering tenants freshly brewed coffee and snacks in a relaxed environment. The outside area of the coffee shop features an open-air movie theater.


Employing world-class caterers with extensive experience in Southern Iraq, the Park’s dining and catering team offers:

  •        Healthy western-style menus.
  •        Buffet breakfasts. 
  •        Live stations.
  •        Packed meals.
  •        Private and outdoor dining services.



Al Majal Business Park provides 24/7 medical assistance services at both its Burjessia and North Rumaila complexes, including:

  • An emergency room facility.
  • On-site trauma response.
  • Off-site reception and treatment of trauma patients.
  • Intensive care units.
  • Laboratory testing services.
  • Minor incident and surgery.
  • Outpatient care.



 The Park’s onsite infrastructure is designed, managed, and installed to statutory guidelines – giving AMBP the redundancy and capacity to deal with the challenges and growth experienced in this environment.

AMBP supports client operations with:

  • The provision of consistent power generation.
  • Water.
  • Waste.
  • Communications.
  • Access.